Climb Britain?

It’s almost entertaining, for the fact that everything is so expected. The BMC (British Mountaineering Council) has finished a consulting process with a new brand name: ‘climb Britain’ as well as slightly more modern and colourful logo. Encouraging, snappy and certainly meaningless. How did they come up with it: “BMC members all climb stuff”. Genius! All in all a very trivial affair but the usual outrage follows; especially on facebook: “They are wasting money! – Change anything? Never! – Too modern! – Not modern enough! – Not inclusive enough! – What about hill walkers?”

But let’s not forget, there is more to consider:

If you want to follow the debate, there is a consultation round going on. Have a look at the BMC website. More drama guaranteed!

Update: As expected, the BMC has u-turned on the proposed name change. A storm in a teacup. And a missed chance for some actual modernization but with the resources wasted on this campaign, everybody at the BMC will probably sit steady for some time.

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